Humans kill a lot of sharks. Like, A LOT OF SHARKS. More than three every second to be exact. If we keep it up, several shark species will be extinct within the next few decades. 

What would happen in a world without sharks?

That’s the question posed in this week’s episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart. From ecosystems to food chains to depressing death tallies to how much a shark is worth in $$$, there’s plenty of brain chum to watch and share with your fellow shark lovers.

But wait! It gets better! I also teamed up with The Brain Scoop, SciShow, Veritasium, MinuteEarth, and Smarter Every Day to bring you a week’s worth of shark science.

Because lawyers, we’re calling it “Several Consecutive Calendar Days Dedicated to Predatory Cartilaginous Fishes" instead of… well, you know. And unlike certain cable TV channels, our videos are non-fearmongering, unsensationalized, and dedicated to celebrating and protecting sharks , not turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. This should go without saying, but all of the S.C.C.D.D.P.C.F. videos are 100% true, factual and not made up in the least bit, unlike some other shark-related programming.

Check out the full playlist of shark science videos from your favorite channels here, or you can watch it embedded below: