Reading Rainbow Remixed, by John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, for PBS Digital Studios. If you like this video, please support your local PBS station: http://to.pbs.org/WvBbqZ

For years, LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow have taught kids everywhere about the power of books and imagination. To this day, the show continues to encourage a love of reading and connect children to the world they live in through quality literature — so they can “go anywhere, be anything.” With this remix, John Boswell has captured those enduring lessons in song — a fitting tribute to an important part of PBS history. 

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Special thanks to PBS station WNED in Buffalo, NY, the original host station for Reading Rainbow.

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    I swear I remember some of those “What would you invent?” responses from watching the show as a kid. How about a video...
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    You guys, if you haven’t seen this…. DO IT DO IT DO IT. Also the Bob Ross one is awesome too. Those are the only ones...
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